Artist Statement

My work addresses reproductive health issues through installation and interactive performances, utilizing both the Internet and local communities.  After giving birth to my second child I started researching the history of childbirth in America and was shocked to discover that the way American women give birth now is rooted in and informed by a past that is riddled with misogyny, racism, and abuse. 

I have made work about the United State’s high maternal mortality rate, obstetric abuse and how it relates to rape culture, postpartum PTSD, and the United State’s high maternal healthcare costs. 

The projects I am currently working on explore transparency in healthcare spending, medical battery, and the history of childbirth in America through the lens of the suffragist movement.

The goal of my work to bring awareness to our broken system of bringing life into this world, to shed light onto the abuse, fear mongering, and bullying some obstetricians use to force women into non-evidence based, unnecessary interventions, and to show how many hospitals are placing more importance on monetary profits in place of the mental and physical health of pregnant women and their babies.