Resist Poster

This is an 11x17 inch poster Michelle Hartney and Jim Becker created for ZZ Buñuel's show at The Hideout.

Information about the show:

ZZ Buñuel is performing a full set of ZZ Top raw boogie tunes from the early records at The Hideout Inn. The anti-Trump poster was conceived by Becker as a visual representation for the show, which is a celebration of Surrealism, Jubilation, The Power of Femininity, Declaration, Meditation, Musculation, Incantations, Ceremonial Rituals, Intervention, Conservation, Heroism, Love, Compassion, Diversity, and EQUALITY TO ALL LIVING BEINGS!

Hartney manifested Becker's concept for the poster by creating a digital collage of almost entirely appropriated images pulled off the internet. The poster is a commentary not only about The United States' current political climate and the First Amendment, but also addresses fair use and copyright law.

This Gift will go to the first person who donates $50+ to The American Red Cross or Team rubicon