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Dr. J. Marion Sims, the “father of modern gynecology,” bought and rented slaves and performed experiments on their vaginas, in an attempt to find a cure for the vesico-vaginal fistula.  Sims experimented on at least ten female slaves and chose not to provide anesthesia to them, even though it had recently become available.

In Sims’ autobiography, he revealed the names of three women he experimented on: Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsey.  Anarcha was seventeen years old when she gave birth to her first child and developed a fistula.  Sims operated on her 30 different times without anesthesia.  

Sims’ work has been celebrated by the medical community for 170 years, but what is missing from most of the books he is mentioned in is the suffering he put female slaves through in order to discover a cure for the fistula.  Generation upon generation of medical students learned about Sims without knowing the truth about Anarcha, Lucy, Betsey, or the other women on whom he experimented.


Community outreach

I have created a database of 2,540 books, including 13 different titles that mention the work of Dr. Sims but fail to write about the full story behind his work.  The goal of this project is to "correct" every book available in libraries in the United states by inserting bookmarks that contain the truth about the torture Dr. Sims put female slaves through in order to come up with the cure for the vesico-vaginal fistula.

In order to correct as many of these books we need your help!  Please join us in correcting history by following the three steps below, which includes printing bookmarks, finding libraries near you that have the books in need of correcting by accessing this database, then going to your local library and inserting the bookmarks into the books that fail to mention the truth about Dr. Sims. 



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