Postcard Flood: Trump's Lies

ACTION three: Trump's lies

This series of postcards will document all the lies Trump has told since taking office. My first intention was to have all of his lies on the cover of the postcard, but only ten days worth of lies fit, so I will be making new cards every two weeks until all lies are printed and sent back to the White House.  Source: NY Times

These postcards are being distributed at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.  You can also print your own cards at home using this downloadable file:

Become a Postcard Ambassador!

I am looking for "Postcard Ambassadors" who are interested in receiving large quantities of postcards and distributing them to friends, families, and other people in your community who are a part of the resistance.  I will include a bunch of Make America Love Again stickers, pins, and temporary tattoos that you can also distribute!  If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for all future postcard flood campaigns let me know below.

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Don't have time for postcards?  Tweet your thoughts to Speaker Ryan and Vice President Pence: