Postcard Flood: Trump's Travel Ban

ACTION Two: Trump's Travel Ban

This postcard flood was started by Winona Dimeo-Ediger in response to Trump’s travel ban against Muslims.  Winona and her brother printed out hypocritical tweets from Mike Pence and Paul Ryan’s twitter feed, in an attempt to hold them accountable for not taking action to stop Trump’s travel ban.

Winona made the template for the postcards, available here, so anyone can print them out and send them to Mike Pence and Paul Ryan.  I had 1,000 of these postcards printed, and I will send you up to 50 addressed postcards with postage.  Hand them out to your friends and family, host a post card party, let’s flood the mailboxes of Vice President Pence and Speaker Ryan, and hold them accountable for their hypocritical lack of action.

Become a Postcard Ambassador!

I am looking for "Postcard Ambassadors" who are interested in receiving large quantities of stamped and addressed postcards and can distribute cards to friends, families, and other people in your community who are a part of the resistance.  I will include a bunch of Make America Love Again stickers, pins, and temporary tattoos that you can also distribute!  If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for all future postcard flood campaigns let me know below.

All postcards have been distributed!  Thank you so much for being a part of this first campaign and to those of you who signed up as ambassadors. It was only a matter of hours before all 1,000 cards were requested.  The next postcard flood will take place around the last week of February. sign up for my mailing list here if you would like to be included in the next round.

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Don't have time for postcards?  Tweet your thoughts to Speaker Ryan and Vice President Pence: