2016 Rally to Improve birth

We met in Chicago again for the fifth annual nationwide Rally to Improve birth, featuring Kimberly Said No, a performance piece about informed consent and obstetric violence.

Did you know? Once a woman has had a cesarean, she will have a difficulty finding a care provider and hospital to support her in a vaginal birth. In fact, vaginal birth after cesarean is not allowed in over 40% of American hospitals.

Major health organizations like the National Institutes of Health and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists use words like "safe," "reasonable," and "appropriate" to describe vaginal birth after cesarean for most women. The American Academy of Family Physicians states that every eligible woman should be offered a VBAC.

Of women who do attempt a VBAC, three out of four will give birth vaginally, while the other one out of four will have a repeat surgery.

Despite these facts, the prevailing public opinion is that VBAC is excessively dangerous.

That's why the 2016 Rally to Improve Birth will focus on VBAC Access!