The Weight of Words

The Weight of Words is a performance piece and installation about Donald Trump’s long history of objectifying women.  Handmade ankle weights were paired with a metal plaque containing a misogynistic statement attributed to Donald Trump.  Each weight was stuffed with shredded paper that contained the original source of Trump's statement. 

Several of the weights were worn during a performance piece at the Women’s March in D.C., where a group of women marched wearing the ankle weights, carrying Trump's words on their bodies for the duration of the march.

Additionally, a community activated performance piece is included in this installation, where viewers are invited to choose from stacks of printed out Trump tweets and interviews that contain his misogynistic statements.  Participants can shred his words with paper shredders that are provided in the gallery.  There is also a virtual shredder available below where viewers can press “play” and shred Trump’s words.


It feels really good to shred Trump's hateful, sexist words. 

Hit the play button and Give it a virtual try below...



The Women's March in DC